Barely there lip line definer

Defines the natural lip contour and is created in a similar colour to the natural lips. This semi-permanent makeup enhancement is discrete and visible only at close view.

Impact lip line definer

Defines and if preferred extends past the natural lip contour to give definition and fullness to the lip. This semi-permanent lip liner enhancement is usually created in a contrasting colour to the natural lips and gives a lip line make-up look.

Lip liner and blush enhancement

Defines & adds a hint of colour. The semi-permanent lip liner effect is complimented by shading that is blended softly towards the interior of the lip

full lip enhancement

Defines and, if preferred, extends passed the natural lip contour to give natural definition and fullness to the lip. The semi-permanent lip liner effect is complimented by infusing lip colour across the entire body of the lip using the interaction of light and shade to create a three dimensional look that gives additional volume to the lips, whilst achieving a long lasting veil of colour that appears totally natural.

Cleft lip reconstruction

Using scar camouflage and lip enhancement techniques it is possible to make a dramatic difference to the aesthetic appearance of the upper lip, providing contour and balance.

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The full lip tint also has a remarkable anti-ageing effect on pale lips that have lost their colour and lip line sharpness due to the ageing process. Combined with its discreet lip contour definition the permanent cosmetic full lip tint gives natural looking, subtly full lips.

I will identify the lip colours that complement the natural undertone of your skin and will guide you with my professional opinion.

Everyones skin undertone tends to have a warmth or coolness to it. Warm skin will have golden, peachy undertones whilst cool skin has pink, purple, olive and ash undertones.

Generally warmer lip colours or those with a hint of yellow and orange will suit a warm skin tone – think cappuccino, caramel and browns with suggestion of gold or bronze.

For cool skins, lip colours in the blue - pink spectrum are good compliments – think classic beiges with pink undertones, soft rose pinks, blue-toned reds, raisin, burgundy and chocolates.

You are of course the important part of the decision making process and we will recommend you select from lip liner colours that look natural with your skin colouring.

For an evening look you can always take your daytime lip colour up a notch by using a gloss or lipstick with a richer colour intensity

I recommend colour refreshes 18 months after treatment s competition.