Semi-Permanent Eye Liner – a versatile solution

The major benefit of semi-permanent eye liner is that it never smears or rubs off the skin even through watery eyes, perspiration, sleep and the weather. It is therefore the ideal solution for people with busy lives, sporty outdoor people, people who suffer with alopecia, people who have sparse eyelashes, poor eyesight or physical disabilities. It is also the perfect answer for people who experience allergies to pollen or conventional eye make-up.
Like makeup only better!

One of the first things you need to consider when thinking about having semi-permanent eye liner is whether you want a natural enhancement that defines the eyelashes or a make-up look that defines the eye itself.

Subtle lash line definer

This is dotted through the eyelash line to give the appearance of thicker eyelashes and is for people who do not desire an eye liner look but rather require eyelash definition. It is critical that multiple soft shades and less pigment are infused to avoid the effect taking on an eye liner look.

Fine eye liner

This is shaded through and extends beyond the eyelashes to create a precision fine line. Black brown is the most popular shade, with the eye liner on the upper eyelid being applied a little darker than that on the lower eyelid.

Thick and ultra-thick eye liner

This is shaded through and broadens beyond the eyelashes to create a wider contour. The upper eyelid is classically thicker on the outer eye and tapers into the lash line toward the inner eye. The eye liner on the lower eyelid is shaded through the lash line and is applied a little thicker on the outer eye, tapering in and becoming softer toward the nose.

Unlimited colour choice

The colour choice for permanent eye liner is unlimited and includes soft colours, daring colours, multiple and graduated colours.

For classic eyeliner people tend to choose black, brown - back, brown and charcoal. However accent colours can also be used to match or contrast the colour of the eyes or to bring out certain flecks of colour in the iris. There are many ways to utilize accent colours which are applied in addition to the classic colours.

Eye liner colour is generally faded out close to the inner eye (nearest the nose) in order to achieve a softer appearance.

I recommend colour refreshes at 18 month intervals.