NEW Treatments!

*Tattoo Reduction & Removal from £150.00 per treatment

suitable for eyebrow/eyeliner/lipliner removal & small tattoos


*Stem Cell Hair Growth Activation Treatments & Aftercare

suitable for eyebrows & scalp (several treatments may be required to achieve the desired results)

Stem cell hair growth Stem cell activation is an advanced technique to promote your own natural hair growth. It is known that there are stem cells left in every hair shaft, even when there is no hair growth or even follicle.
Results will be improved when special growth factors are used. These growth factors are a special peptide which works like a signalling agent, which activates your own stem cells. these growth factors are a non human peptide, which are safe and will not harm your skin or health.

Your success will depend on the use of hair rescue scalp lotion every day, it is 100% plant extract which keeps hair follicles much longer in the growth phase (an agent phase)

It will make your hair stronger, promote pigmentation and thickens your hair.

This treatment can also be used on eyebrows and I have aftercare wands available!

The Stem Cells I use do not contain any hormones or minoxidil. The serums are made from natural herb extracts and special peptides to stimulate Your own Stem Cells which are in Your skin from birth.

These serums have been tested for over 3 years and the results are astonishing, they are very effective and your hair will grow longer, thicker and darker. There are no human or animal extracts in these products.

Many women do experience thinning brows during the ageing process, Now they can benefit from Stem Cell technology and Micropigmentation together this offers the perfect solution as brows look better with real hair!

Scalp Stem Cell Hair Growth Activation will protect Your existing hair, make Your hair look more shiny and healthy, it helps to prevent hair loss and many men and women see tiny new hairs starting to grow again after 1 treatment.

To understand the reason for hair loss, thinning hair and baldness, You have to understand the mechanisms of Your hormones. Nearly all hair loss on skin is caused by sensitivity to androgene hormones. Especially Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is responsible for the miniturisation of Your hair or total hair loss.

Not everyone is sensitive to DHT these men and woman will always have their hair. All others have to keep their DHT levels as low as possible.

Stem cells are medical growth factors that are applied to Your skin, these growth factors will activate Your own stem cells and new hairs will begin to grow. At home You will have to use a stem cell activation serum lotion every day.

brows £250.00 per treatment

scalp £399.00 per treatment



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