General Pre Advice

– Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may be swollen or red it is advised to not make any social plans on the day of your appointment.

– Do not take Aspirin or Ibuprofen 2 days prior & post treatment

– Please keep Alcohol consumption to a minimum 2 days pre & post treatment.

– Please wear your normal make up to your enhancement appointment.

– Do not use retin – A products close to the area enhanced for 1 month pre & post treatment.

– Do not us AHA  products close to the area enhanced for 14 days pre & post treatment.

– Botox & Facial Injectables 12-20 weeks after your injectable  treatment is completed to consider an appointment for micropigmentation.

– If You use Sunbeds You are contradicting the pre & after care terms and conditions of the service arrangement and should reconsider your suitability as a candidate for micro tattooing.

– Blood donors please be aware the national blood service require 12 months to pass before they will accept donations from you due to this treatment.

– Waxing treatments should be performed no less than 3 days prior to your enhancement.

– IPL & Laser treatments should be performed 14 days or more in advance of your enhancement.

– Electrolysis can be performed 7 days or more in advance of your enhancement.

– Eyebrow & Eyelash treatments – Tinting minimum 14 days prior

lash extensions please do not attend with party lashes, strip lashes or individual lash extensions if you are having an eye enhancement.

– Contact lenses – please do not wear for eye or brow treatments and if having eye enhancement please do not use for 48 hours post.

– Please bring large sunglasses with you if you have them

– Please advise if you have had or having botox or similar injectable treatment as I advise 6 months after having any injectable before considering permanent cosmetics.

– Herpes simplex (Coldsores) to minimise an outbreak it is advised to use an acyclovir based product such as zovirax for 7 days prior to your enhancement.

– Please no facial beauty treatments (even facials) 2 days pre treatment.


You may purchase an over the counter topical anaesthetic for use up to 1 hour prior to your appointment, I will be using an anaesthetic but if You’d like a head start on pain control I would advise declaring to the pharmacy that You require a topical anaesthetic for an injection –

Some of the brands are





Lidocaine (Tesco pharmacy unbranded product)

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