Allergic reactions to permanent make up in general are very rare but reaction is always a possibility –  Statistics indicate there is less than 0.1% out of every 100,000 permanent make up procedures that result in an allergic reaction, therefore, the chances of a person developing such a reaction are extremely remote.

The products I use including pigments and needles are hypoallergenic, ensuring the risks of allergies are reduced. In fact most adverse reactions result from sensitivity to antibiotic ointments sometimes given to clients as part of their after care procedure and not to the semi-permanent pigments themselves.  If you have very sensitive skin and are prone to allergies I offer a 2 step patch test, in which case 24 – 48  hours must elapse before your procedure can take place However Laura always advices a patch test which are always free of charge.

It is also worth bearing in mind that patch tests do not necessarily guarantee an accurate prediction as to whether you are suitable for permanent makeup or not as it can take months or even years for any reactions to take place you will also be asked questions about your medical history to establish your suitability as a candidate for permanent cosmetics as a part of your consultation.


A full material data safety sheet is available upon request.

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