The Math behind the Beauty – Fibonacci – The Golden Mean Ratio (1 : 1.618)


Ancient Greeks first identified the measurable formula (1 : 1.61803398875)

The golden ratio occurs in nature, in essence it is a ratio of proportions which identify the key dimensions of the human face (& lots of other natural elements) it is considered aesthetically pleasing in Nature, Art & Architecture.

Some great examples are nautilus shells, flowers and our own bodies.

The perfect eyebrow breaks at the arch at approximately (1 :1.618)

Using the Golden Mean Ratio for eyebrow cosmetics I can create the right set of eyebrows that accentuate your features, creating balance and symmetry. Using a Fibonacci gauge i am able to carefully map out your new brows to give you the best shape for the contours of your face.

Decisions are based on the shape of your face, on your personality and your preference. If Laura feels your choice is not suitable she will suggest other options. A make-up pencil is used to outline alternatives until the ideal shape is found. The template is then measured and checked for perfect symmetry and balance.

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