How do I choose the right technician for me



With so many technicians out there using various methods, each one charging a different fee from the next and all for the same procedure, you would be forgiven for feeling a little confused.  Before you commit yourself to a technician always ask if the individual has been professionally trained and passed an examination enabling her/him to obtain insurance to cover any eventualities that may arise from the procedure.  As the involvement of needles carries a risk of contamination, always verify that only disposable needles and pigment containers are used. Enquire also if the technician will use a suitable anaesthetic for your comfort. Avoid those who will try to inject you with local anaesthetic as only a trained nurse is qualified to do so.  Finally, ask to see examples of their previous work so you can actually see what kind of results they can produce: remember pictures speak louder than words. Many websites will not display pictures of both completed brows; this can be misleading as the most tricky part of such a procedure is to make them both as alike and as symmetrical as possible.


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