Consultations are free of charge, I start by asking a set of medical questions to ascertain your suitability as a candidate for Permanent Cosmetics/Paramedical Micropigmentation We discuss Your current eyebrows and what your expectations are.

I have a vast portfolio of work, I expect You will have seen some examples and have an idea of the style, shape, colour and density that You require.

I will also be providing You with a free skin sensitivity test for the products that would be used in Your treatment, there are 2 options or as I prefer a two stage sensitivity test.

Step 1 – paint pigment onto an exposed area of skin such as inner arm or behind ear, cover with a plaster and check after 8 hours and up to 24

Step 2 – a lancet will be used to scratch a dot of pigment into one of the areas mentioned above, this will be monitored over 48 hours by Yourself or Someone able to assist.

Pending Your results I’ll assist You to book Your treatment appointment, any questions are welcomed even if You forget whilst at the consultation please do message Me.

I also have a postal kit so that You may reduce the number of visits to the studio/s, this kit is sterile, small and comes with a full set of printed instructions.

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