Most people are able to have permanent make up treatments. At your free consultation, Laura will discuss the procedure in detail with you. This is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish and, together, a treatment plan will be organised. Laura will analyse your skin and tone, and you will be able to discuss in confidence any concerns you may have about areas of your appearance you would like to enhance, improve or camouflage. Remember that semi permanent cosmetics are very successful treatments for improving contour, assymmetry and volume.

Semi-permanent make up is completely safe and natural-  it is endorsed by cosmetic surgeons and approved by medical doctors.

However there are very few exceptions when semi-permanent make up is not recommended for example –

* Those under the age of 18

* Pregnant women

*People susceptible to keloids formation (pink, fibrous growths that form on the skin following injury)

A consultation and a medical questionnaire will need to be completed to verify suitability.


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